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Kiss Me Deadly

Life, tea, and sidewalls

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Once upon a time a woman went on a long search for a good suspender belt set … and ended up with a vintage inspired lingerie brand designed for femme fatales; glamorous, sensual and intelligent women with just a hint of danger.

Obviously that’s the short version of how we came to be, but it has all the important bits! Now we've been going a while we've expanded the range – seamed stockings, girdles, cinchers, corselettes, silk french knickers, pin-up pants, longline, push up and quarter cup bra's, plus so much more.

We have two bases: our design and promotion is based in London, whilst deliveries come to you from Sheffield. You can buy our products in many websites and boutiques, use our mail order catalogue, or find us at shows.

You can find our new, regularly-released limited-edition sets here, alongside our permanent collection of stocking lovers’ basics. Visit our interactive pages to be part of the community - you'll find competitions, polls, performers, pictures and news!

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So thats the corporate stuff out of the way. I use this journal for a bunch of stuff; theres the public updates on our products and offers and so on, plus the occasional query about things we are looking for business wise. Then theres random business related wittering, including a semi-private series of exciting emails we receive! I also use LJ for personal stuff so there are entries you can only see if you are a friend. Most of thats health related, as I have M.E./C.F.S., a bunch of chronic pain issues and a few other things.

"Life, tea and sidewalls"; a quote from an email where someone said these were her measurements . . . think maybe babelfish was involved in that one :)